Chat Monitoring

chat monitoring

Perfect for revealing the truth about what they do on the Internet while you are away, chat monitoring software is the easy way to record what your child, spouse or employee does on the computer. Beside the fact that it records their chat partners and both side of chat conversations between them, this kind of applications may also include instant messages monitor, web sites visited and much more.

CHILD chat monitor: lots of parents would like to know whether or not their teenagers are being safe and mature online. Wouldn’t you be more peaceful if you’d have this information? Monitoring their chat conversation you can find out what kind of people they talk with, what are the predominant subjects in their conversations. Do your children give out information that could potentially put your family in danger? Installing chat monitoring application could help you take action before some unwanted and harmful events happen.

SPOUSE chat monitoring: you are asking yourself lots of questions lately about your partner. You suspect that he/she is cheating and you definitely wouldn’t think of that if you wouldn’t have any reason, even a small one. Who does your spouse talk to online when you are not around? Do they email an offline lover? Does your spouse waste money at casino web sites? From their chat conversations you can discover what dubious persons they talk with, what information they are hiding from you, and more important you reveal the truth about them.

EMPLOYEES: Does your employee waste time surfing the web or playing games when unsupervised? Does the employee do the work they are supposed to be doing? Monitoring your employee chat conversations you can find out what other subjects, beside work related are debated with their colleagues. Do you have an employee who is stealing information from you? Chat monitoring solutions help you solve this problem: now you have found the person that reveal confidential information about the company to unknown persons or even to the competition.