Keylogger Software

keylogger software

Keylogger software, also known as "Computer Monitoring Software" or "keylogger", is a program that secretly records all the activity that took place on a computer. And when I say “all activities”, I mean every keystroke typed, websites visited, chat conversations, printed documents, created or modifies files and more. A frequently asked question about this keylogger software is about the legitimacy of its usage.

Is keylogger software illegal?

The answer is definitely "No". When we talk about Spy or keylogger software, there is nothing illegal about the application itself. The keylogger developers have started and they continue to create their programs exclusively for legitimate purposes. There are so many situations when monitoring the computer activity is perfectly legal here are a few examples: parents can use spy software to protect their children from online abuse; companies may use computer monitoring software to ensure that their employees don't use the company’s assets for personal purposes. Of course there always are some people who can find negative uses for the very same software, and when I say negative uses I refer: stealing passwords, credit card numbers or corporate secrets. However, even in this situation it's not the software that breaks the law, but the person using it. There are also uses that are not strictly illegal, but have some moral ambiguity to them. to give an relevant example, a computer activity monitor may be used to find out the truth about your cheating spouse or to catch him/her in the act).

Do I break any law by using keylogger software?

It depends on the way you use them. In most cases you have the right to install any programs on the computer that belongs to you. You also have the right to install programs on other peoples' computers if you have their permission. Installing a monitoring program on another person's computer without his/her permission may be illegal. We will not try to give you any advice on the legal side of computer activity monitoring because everything depends on your particular situation. If you are in doubt, consult your lawyer.

Can keylogger software be used for any legitimate purposes?

Yes, sure. Here are just a few examples of perfectly legal uses of computer activity monitoring tools. You can:

  • Monitor your children's online activity to make sure they don't visit pornographic Web sites or don't make any dubious acquaintances.
  • Ensure no one is accessing your personal files while you are away from the computer.
  • Keep track of the inexperienced users' activity to quickly locate the problem if they damage any system files.
  • Monitor your employees' computer activity to make sure they are really working and don't do anything that may be a source of legal problems for you.
  • Find out if someone uses your computer while you are away.